Old School 90s Tech House – The Minister Of House

Old school 1990s style tech house track. This dance track is reminiscent of the house music club scene in Los Angeles and San Francisco during the 1990s. It’s funky and grooves hard like a real house dance track should.

techno rave house music podcast artwork
Illusions Of Technology – Alpha Protonica

Illusions Of Technology is an instrumental techno song that sounds larger than life. The thick, high velocity rolling bass on this track actually makes the speakers sound like they’re imploding, all while maintaining constant groove.

Its Alright (Thief In The Night) – The Minister Of House

This track has funk written all over it. Although “It’s Alright” is a house dance track, the cadence in the vocals and the groove is reminiscent of a classic 80s funk song. It bumps just the way a feel-good party song should.

Cosmic House – DJ B Nise / D Lee

This track was recorded around 1998. It was extracted from cassette tape and transferred to CD before being converted to an mp3. The original title on the cassette label reads Cosmic House which is a deep house track with live bass, guitar, Fender Rhodes piano, and soulful female vocals. Enjoy!

Cosmic House original recording on cassette tape.

Carnival Dancer – DJ B Nise.

Hard driving house beat over a deep, fat bass groove that even makes small speakers bump. This is how we do House Music!