Recording Studio

Bitstash Recording Studio is located in Marietta, Georgia. The recording facility is a hybrid studio consisting of classic analog hardware and the latest modern digital software.

The combination of analog outboard gear and DAWs (digital audio workstations) gives us the best of both worlds in today’s recording environment. The analog equipment gives us the warmth and tones of the classic albums that we all love, while the software handles all of our editing, signal processing, digital conversions, and file metadata functions.

All studio sessions come with an in-house professional recording engineer for tracking, mixing, and mastering.

Studio Services

Superb Acoustics

Record vocals and acoustic guitars with pristine clarity.

Full In-House Studio Production

Tracking, editing, mixing, drum programming, live bass and guitar, remixes, mastering, Red Book Standard cd master, mp3 metadata.

Who We Service

  • Vocalist
  • Rappers
  • Podcast
  • Voice Actors
  • Musicians
  • Acoustic Guitarist
  • Singer-Songwriters
  • DJs


  • Tracking/recording
  • Music production
  • Drum programming
  • Dance/club DJ remixes
  • Audio editing
  • Audio mixing and engineering
  • Mastering

Please contact us for booking and rate information for your session.